There is no denying that smoking traditional cigarettes isn’t good for the health, and a lot of experts and professionals have dedicated their lives in finding a way to present an alternative to such a habit. Something that wouldn’t be as much harmful as cigarettes, but definitely would feel and taste the same. Few years back, we saw the birth of ecig in the Philippines. E-cigarettes are electronic cigarettes that are battery-operated. It has been claimed to be much safer than traditional smoking but tobacco enthusiasts didn’t stop in innovating the brilliant idea. With creative intuition and a desire to give smokers a chance to veer away from their harmful hobbies, the e-cig industry in the country grew and a lot of different options are presented to smokers trying to quit smoking. Flavors, MODs, different builds and designs, these are just few of the many reasons why a lot of people welcomes the idea of vaping.

VapePhil is considered to be one of the largest and leading online vape shop in the National Captial Region even if it is relatively young and new. They house a lot of well-known and low key brands like KangerTech Box MODS, Dotmod atomizers, some few popular Uwell Tanks and e-liquid brands like Steam Punk, Sweetch, Fruit Company and Candy Factory. The offerings that VapePhil has consists of a wide range of different high quality mods, e-cigarettes, vape kits for newbies and pros and a lot of amazing e-juices that is affordable and is accessible to people of legal ages. If you’re a professional or longtime vaper, VapePhil also has a lot in store for you. Starting with a good range of resistance coils, gauge coil wires and much much more.

All e-juices from VapePhil are quality assured through batch traceability and quality assurances that is guided by the PAS 54115. VapePhil dedicates its commitment to giving its consumers only the best quality products and that safety is also the number one priority. Prices wouldn’t be that much of a problem because VapePhil wants to offer superb customer satisfaction at half the cost!


VapePhil started out as what was just once a hobby of the company founder. He saw how hard it was to switch from traditional smoking to e-cigarettes because not all Filipinos could afford to buy their own electronic cigarettes. With the Filipino vapers in mind, he started to think of how he could help his fellowmen to embrace the beauty that is of vaping and he decided to establish a company that can give access to ecigs in the Philippines, for Filipinos of all legal ages, without having to burn a hole in their pockets. There comes the birth of VapePhil.

VapePhil is the childbirth of the most modern technical knowledge of electronic cigarettes and the never ending innovation for the craft. It is the offspring of efficiency in sourcing the best possible products to offer Filipino vapers combined with the enthusiasm of young people, driven to make every vaping experience the best possible experience it could be. VapePhil, while may not be the first online vape shop in the Philippines, offers a wide array of different e-juices to choose from. Aside from that, they also offer top-notch quality kits, MODs, atomizers and anything and everything you definitely would need for your vaping time. VapePhil sees to it that they can make the transition from smoking to vaping a tad way smoother and it is a commitment they never fail to deliver to their consumers.

Here at VapePhil, you are assured that we are after your experience, and not just your money. We never want you to blow cash into puff of clouds that would just disappear without satisfying you. We are the online vape shop in the Philippines that would make your vape habit more enjoyable. Make a transaction with us, and see it for yourself.

With VapePhil, you are assured that your juices and kits and MODs and atomizers are made using only the best quality materials that is industry standard. We will never deliver or issue you an item that did not pass our quality check. As one of the most trusted online vape shop in the Philippines, we put your safety first before anything else. You may approach any of our friendly staff if you have questions, and we will be more than glad to assist you. Not a lot of online vape shops in the Philippines would do this for you but below are some tips and guidelines we would want you to take to heart before you start vaping!

1. Familiarize yourself with your battery usage. You are the only person who could decide when it needs to be changed or charged.
2. Using your e-juice bottles for liquids other than e-juices isn’t a great idea. Believe us when we say, it’s not gonna work. Never ever reuse e-juice bottles. If ever you did, then never wash them and fill them with e-juice again. It will affect the taste.
3. Batteries in your pockets wouldn’t go well with the coins. Those pennies would definitely destroy them so if I were you, I would rather just not toss batteries in your pockets before heading out or just when you want to.
4. Drink lots of water. Stay hydrated. Vaping is way safer than traditional smoking but it may cause the same harm if you abuse its use. 8 glasses a day, mate!
5. If your vape kit is heating up fast, or if the heat is kind of too much you think, bring them over to your nearest vape shop and have them checked. The last thing you would want is a burned face due to exploding vape kit because of irresponsible usage.
6. Keep out of reach of children and pets because they simply aren’t meant for them.
7. Extreme and direct heat will destroy your mods and batteries. Let them stay away from such.
8. Charge your batteries properly. Do not undercharge or overcharge them. If you’d wish to use those batts longer, take care of them.
9. A weird mod is a bad mod. Stop using it if it doesn’t feel normal to you. 10. Wrap your batteries properly. You will thank us later 😉