E-Cig Guide for First Time Vapers
E-Cig Guide for First Time Vapers
By elbert gabane - December 10, 2017

 E-Cig Guide for First Time Vapers

It is undoubtedly that you, or someone you personally know is doing combating the urge to stop smoking and that someone is endeavoring to locate the best alternative to conventional tobacco. We’re sure that you’re seeking other routes separated from smoking standard cigarettes to vaping, and you’re searching for answers. There is a great chance that you have already heard of vaping and e-cigarettes. You might be wondering what on earth vaping is, if it’s safe, what kind of investment it’ll take, if it really works, or how to get started.


The internet is a huge (and odd) place, so it can be a real chore finding accurate answers to your questions. Be that as it might, now, you can rejoice – for this is the promised arrive in your quest to discover reality about e-cigs!


Presently, in case you’re considering this alternative, you surely are asking yourself for what valid reason would it be a good idea for you to care about e-cigs?


That is somewhat of a huge question, however we’re upbeat you asked! We aren’t lying about needing to answer the dominant part of your questions, so here’s five clever responses.


  1. Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health, so quit!

We’re not here guaranteeing that vaping is the ultimate smoking cessation technique, or that there aren’t any dangers. However, there are numerous people out there who have successfully transitioned from smoking cigarettes, to vaping. A great number of people who’ve switched to vaping claim that it was fundamentally easier than ceasing with no weaning period and that they even prefer vaping to smoking. It’s super easy to wean yourself off of nicotine using e cigs since e juices are sold in different strengths.


  1. Have more money on your wallet when you quit smoking.

On average, vaping is way less expensive than keeping up an everyday cigarette propensity. Sure, purchasing your underlying setup will cost more than a pack, yet in the event that you begin with quality gear it’ll more than pay for itself over the whole deal.


  1. You have control over what your body takes in.

There’s around 4,000 chemicals in a standard cigarette, a hefty segment of which are terrible for you. Be that as it might, with e cigs, in the event that you purchase quality equipment and e juice, you will take ownership of what you’re putting into your body. In the event that you purchase e juice from a reputable vendor, you’ll inhale a substance with 4 ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and nourishment grade seasoning. Sure, not breathing in anything is in all probability better than breathing in something, yet there’s no denying that vaping is exponentially less dangerous than smoking cigarettes.


  1. It’s more amusing to vape than smoke.

With the greater piece of the different e juices on the market, We’re sure that you’ll be able to discover quite a few that you really enjoy – even more than smoking. We’ll be honest, you won’t be able to discover anything that tastes exactly like your favorite pack of reds – however with all the bewildering flavors, for what reason may you even need to? As an added reward, for some people, vaping has become more than just a means to a smoke free end. It doesn’t have to, yet vaping could change into a really fun interest.


  1. Quit stressing over the pungent smell of tobacco smoke.

While we don’t advocate vaping anywhere you need out in the open, there are as yet a huge amount of areas where you can vape where you shouldn’t be smoking cigarettes. Gone are the days where I needed to huddle outside in the below zero cool just to get my nic settle. Instead, I can vape in the solace of my own home sitting contently on my well used in spot on the lounge chair. My landowner doesn’t care, I don’t smell like cigarettes, and its not hurting my electronics.


Now that you’re good to go and your questions have been answered, it’s presently time to go and vape.


You did your research, you read this guide, and you picked out, purchased, and assembled your first e cig setup – yet now what? This thing feels not in any manner like a standard cigarette , and you might be intimidated by its sheer awesomeness – or by the way that you would prefer not to resemble an imbecile vaping your e cig out in the open. We’ve all been there. Even however vapor looks a heck of a ton like smoke, using an e cig is quite somewhat different than really smoking – yet that is a piece of what makes vaping a-freaking-mazing!


Believe it or not, the reality is that using an e-cig isn’t like that of smoking a cigarette because vape helps you disassociate the custom of smoking with fulfilling your nicotine desires. However, there’s likely there is a little piece of a learning curve when you at first begin vaping, yet here at VapePhil, we got you fam!



With a cigarette, you essentially need some hands, your mouth, and a flame. E cigs also require some hands and a mouth, however no flame is required – it’s like enchantment! Approve, it’s not like enchantment, it’s essentially electricity. So instead of a fire, you need to figure out how to operate your e cig – here’s the secret.


  1. Learn the switches of your e-cig

Most, yet not all, e cigs can be turned on and off. Your e cig won’t produce vapor if your e cig is off. Feel free to call me skipper evident in the event that you should, yet it’s basic to figure out how to turn the darn thing on, so do it! Numerous manual e cigs require that you hit a catch anywhere between 3-5 times. Essentially read the directions – you’ll be fine.


  1. Learn how to use your e-juice wisely.

Some cig-a-likes are programmed, so you ought to just inhale, yet most (and the best) e cigs have a catch that you’ll need to press. In case your e cig has a catch, don’t let this scare or intimidate you.


  1. Begin little

All e cigs are different and some have variable settings. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to begin low and change as per higher temps as you go in order to hone in on the perfect flavor to vapor extent. Before you begin, make sure your settings are on the lowest setting (for your first time) to ensure a delectable first experience instead of a gross one. To learn more about watts and volts and what they do, feel free to check out a more in depth article here.


  1. Continuously keep an eye on your e-juice.

Once more, this may seem like judgment abilities, yet there’s nothing worse than taking a dry hit. Not exclusively does it taste like devouring butt hairs, yet it might really destroy your cartomizer, twist, or wick. So figure out how to finish it off, and make sure everything is properly saturated.


What’s more, now that you’re ready, here’s the fun part! Are you excited to take that initially puff? Before you do, keep these things at the top of the priority list.


  1. Make sure that vaping inside the premises where you are is allowed.

Essentially, in case you’re in solitude property there’s no problem, however don’t vape where it’s not allowed, or where you wouldn’t feel comfortable smoking a conventional cigarette. Why? Because there’s a considerable measure of legislation out there compelling where people can vape. So make sure you’re vaping where it’s legal and where it won’t irritate anyone to the point where they’ll attempt to make it illegal.


  1. Press that catch and puff!

You should inhale as hard as you do with a conventional cigarette, so keep that at the highest point of the need list for your first puff. There’s likewise some debate regarding the superiority of mouth-hits over lung-hits.


  1. Let the vapor remain for quite a while before you exhale.

Exhale through your mouth or nose – it doesn’t matter.


  1. Eat. Sleep. Vape. Clean. Repeat

Keep as a best need that there are a few types of atomizer tanks that work best if the e cig is held on a level plane to help promote better wicking. Best twist clearomizers are the most notable offenders, yet in the event that you’re using a cartomizer/carto tank or an atomizer cartridge combo this shouldn’t be an issue.


Since you know the nuts and bolts, we additionally have prepared you a rundown to differentiate the feeling of vaping from conventional cigarette smoking.


  1. You can’t determine once you’re done when you vape.

When you smoke, it’s pretty clear when you’re done. The cherry has reached the butt. However, with e cigs, the battery doesn’t contract as you’re vaping – so how are you supposed to know when you’re done? Well, there’s a few ways. You could time you’re vaping breaks and stop after 5 or 10 minutes, you could keep running outside with a friend who’s a smoker and go inside when they’re done, or you could basically wing it and vape when you need for however long you need.


The thing is, despite everything you’ll get a nicotine surge, so you have to rely on your body to let you know when enough will be enough. The general rule of thumb is that higher nicotine concentrations should be vaped in shorter impacts than lower nicotine concentrations. In the event that you need to begin chain vaping, then change to a lower nicotine concentration.


  1. Be ready for postive and negative feedback, we tell you!

People are interested by nature. When I at first started vaping around the office I got steady looks and questions.There’s constantly going to be people who are freaked out by vaping and have no issue telling you. You know why you decided to switch, and that is the main thing that is vital.


  1. Try not to Force Power into Your Batteries

With cigarettes, in the event that you lose your cherry you can essentially light it up once more, however once your battery loses its charge it’ll take a great deal longer for it to come back to life. Because of this present, it’s always recommended to bear a completely charged spare battery (or two). Essentially remember the expression: “two is one, and one is none.”


We hope you have fun vaping and we’ll be cheerful to hear from you about your experiences!


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